China - China Investment Corporation

Inception: September 2007
$200 billion in Assets1
Run by Lou Jiwei
Gao Xiqing is the General Manager
Jesse Wang is the Chief Risk Officer
The April 2008 Bloomberg Magazine has a great article focused on CIC entitled "China's Cash Offensive".


April 2008: $200 million in the Visa IPO

February 2008: $100 million in China Railway Group's IPO

December 2007: $5 billion in Morgan Stanley from $48.07 to $57.684 per share2 a 9.9% stake

May 2007: $3 billion in Blackstone Group a 9.0% stake


4/23/2008 China fund raises global spending power by allocating now up to $90 billion for foreign investments, a 30% increase

2/29/2008 China Wealth Fund to Hire Foreign Money Managers

2/8/2008 CIC nears $4 billion investment in JC Flowers

2/5/2008 China Sovereign Wealth Can Profit From Storms argues that China should allow its SWF to trade weather derivatives to hedge against the economic impact of "black swan" climate events. Not a bad idea.

2/4/2008 China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Said to Eye Stake in Fortescue