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This Sovereign Wealth Fund Tracker provides information on the trillions of dollars that Sovereign Wealth Funds are increasingly putting to work in the US Economy and abroad.

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3/4/2008 Ministers agree EU to stay open to sovereign wealth funds It's a good thing because as losses continue they're going to need their capital!

3/2/2008 Buffett defends sovereign wealth funds

3/1/2008 Buffett Says U.S. Trade Imbalance Lures Sovereign Wealth Funds

2/7/2008 Congressional hearing on the "national security implications" of Sovereign Wealth Funds

2/5/2008 A ranking of 32 SWFs for Structure, Governance, Transparency and Behavior - Spoiler: New Zealand's Superannuation Fund comes out on top.

2/5/2008 China Sovereign Wealth Can Profit From Storms argues that China should allow its SWF to trade weather derivatives to hedge against the economic impact of "black swan" climate events. Not a bad idea.

2/4/2008 Sovereign fund deals touch $20.6b in January Includes a great table of the top SWF deals over the past 12 months.

1/29/2008 The NY Times debunks five common myths about SWFs

1/24/2008 The Sovereign Wealth Fund Risk Index is a very interesting listing of SWFs ranked by their perceived risk from lack of transperancy, "strategic" investments, and political threats.

1/24/2008 Wealth Funds Hear Disclosure Warning in Davos Meeting

1/17/2007 The Economist on the Sovereign Wealth Fund Bail Outs